FCJ-065 RoundTable on Technology, Teaching and Tools

This is a roundtable audio interview conducted by James Farmer (Edublogs) with Anne Bartlett-Bragg (University of Technology Sydney) and Chris Bigum (Deakin University). Skype was used to make and record the audio conference and the resulting sound file was edited by Andrew McLauchlan.

You can download the file by right or control clicking on this link

Author’s Biographies

Anne Bartlett-Bragg (ABB)-Cert IV AWT, Dip HRM, Dip e-Learning, BEd (Adult Education), MEd (Adult Education), PhD candidate. Currently she is working as a part-time academic in the Faculty of Education at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She developed and delivers e-Learning content – in the organisational context.

Anne also has a consultancy business, Digital Dialogues, and is the Executive Director of the Learning Technologies User Group (LTUG), and a member of the advisory board for the Australian Businesswomen’s Network.

Professor Chris Bigum BSc, Dip.Ed, PhD, is Dean of the Faculty of Education at Deakin University. I have always been broadly interested in the world as it has been remade via the deployment of computing and communication technologies of various kinds and have made use of these technologies to keep an eye on key thinkers, key writers, key centres around the globe. Thank goodness for RSS feeds now and before them email filters to manage the large number of discussion lists I kept an eye on.

James Farmer is the founder and CEO of Edublogs and provide consultancy, design and development for a variety of different online community projects.

In past incarnations I’ve been involved in new media as the Online Community Editor of The Age and worked as a Lecturer in Education Design at Deakin University.

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